Ana (Judy Marte) is a young woman trying to reimagine her life after her mother’s death during the course of one California spring. Filled with resentment over her father’s mistakes, Ana feels disconnected from herself and everyone around her. Swept up by new romance (Brian Rieger) and a warm reunion with her half-sister (Lauren Fales), Ana is so taken by the newfound support and love in her life that she sets out to find someone—anyone other than herself—to help. She finds a volunteer project in Maria (Karen Black), a reclusive hoarder who has alienated her own family with her compulsive behavior. As the two become unlikely friends and confidantes, Ana finds herself in an emotionally complex relationship that reveals some uncomfortable truths about herself. 

Music / Soundtrack

The film’s original music is composed by Maxwell Drummey, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter for the pop band Chester French, whose debut album, Love the Future, was released with Star Trak/Interscope Records on April 21, 2009. Rolling Stone Magazine listed the band as one of their “Artists To Watch” in their March 2008 issue. The band formed while Drummey was an undergraduate at Harvard – their original drummer was writer/director Jasmine McGlade Chazelle’s husband, filmmaker Damien Chazelle.

Maria My Love’s soundtrack includes music generously donated by international music sensation Moby, who allowed the film’s team to use one of his latest songs, “Gone to Sleep”, written and performed with Kelli Scarr. The film also features a variety of songs from acclaimed artist Theresa Andersson, and introduces new and up-and-coming indie artists such as Neysa Malone, whom Jasmine found performing in a subway while casting Maria My Love, Lexie Roth, The Library, and Zach Heckendorf.

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